Sanlam Gap Cover Insurance Policy Agreement

Both plans offer comprehensive coverage – a gap, a co-payment, an oncology and a floor in the 500% sector. The same applies to outpatient procedures such as MRIs, CT scanners, chemo, radiotherapy and kidney dialysis. Check your policy text to make sure you are covered. In addition, the plans were grouped by sector based on the coverage offered: 200%, 300%, 350% or 500%. You also have access to life insurance that “provides you and your family with greater financial security and the ability to take out other financial transactions, such as taking out a home loan,” she adds. “Seek the help of your financial planner for a tailored solution that meets your personal and financial needs.” The gap coverage also covers more than you knew. Larkan says he will offer coverage in addition to many things that your medical assistant would normally pay for. For example, make an emergency visit to the ER. If you have medical help with a medical savings account, you can claim this visit from your savings. For many of the recharging plans, you can request a refund for this emergency/trauma visit. Meanwhile, comprehensive car insurance includes the following benefits: If the doctor and anaesthetist ask for a 300% rate, you are responsible for the 200% deficit. That`s where the gap coverage comes in – it covers the deficit so you don`t get a financial impact. Larkan warns that if something is excluded from your medical help, the coverage of the gaps will not cover it either – for example, cosmetic surgery or fertility treatments.

Jill Larkan, head of health care and brain management at GTC, says the 2018 GTC Gap coverage survey is not an exhaustive list of providers, but the gap coverage providers known to GTC, its customers and competitors. So how does the gap work? Let`s see a scenario. They are hospitalized with appendicitis. Your medical assistance covers your hospitalization, your medical fees, your anaesthetist`s expenses, your medications and your supplies.