Mototrans knew !

When Mototrans took over part of the production from Ducati they must obviously have known about the technical imperfections that Ducati decided not to perform. Mototrans actually did a good job by looking at the engine design and focused on the problems at hand. One of the issues is oil supply and temperature to the cylinder head. There will be bearing wear at some point and if that happens oil supply to the cylinder head is brought back to a minimum so the cams will start to wear after a while and you’ll finally break down. The other issue is temperature. The plain main-bearing heat up the oil a lot higher and faster than roller-bearings do. The oil which reaches the cylinder head is is way to hot to get a smooth oil film and will burn especially when you’ll push the bike, let alone start racing with it.

Mototrans brought a solution to the table and implemted an oil cooler and re routed the oilways. The oil isn’t internally distributed but simpley brought to the outside of the engine. Thinking I’ll never find an engine like that  I just happen to stumbel in to a Mototrans 500 Desmo which are quite rare. I will find out how they really did it. On the outside of the engine it’s clear but I wonder how the inside has been adapted. Soon more about the Mototrans.

If someone has more information about these Motortrans Ducati’s I’d be happy to hear from you!