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Parts for sale in New York

Over the past few months Arthur has acquired some engines and a box of parts. The engines have been dismantled and cleaned for inspection, and listed for sale. Arthur has taken the liberty of making the GTL parts manual into excel, and will combine the SD specific parts into that excel list. The excel list will be made available, and reserves the right to make typing mistakes 🙂
should you be impatient the feel free to drop a message to Arthur at to get your copy of the parts list.

NOTE: there is one 350GTV engine which is complete except for the gear change cover. With the parts available there is an option to rebuild this engine up as original 350, or as a 500 in GTV disguise. in all cases, the cylinder head and camshafts will be modified for external oil feed to the left side camshaft cover.

If your are looking for some parts and you are in the USA (New York) you might contact Hill Bresky. Hill ownes some 500 SD  engine parts he wants to part with. Here are some pictures of the parts and if your interested please contact Hill for details at:

John_5 John_2 John_1 John_6 John_8 John_7