Front wheel hub with more commercially available disc brakes

During the Benelli 350RS period the front hub drew attention: it had the same brake discs as the Guzzi 350/500 models and the hub looked similar to that of the beveltwin SS spoke hubs, just a bit smaller.
I managed to acquire a hub from another Benelli model (250 2C) and machined the bearing housings to fit the (standard) PT bearing size 6004, as the Benelli hub has a smaller axle size. Also a new spacer was machined to fit between the new bearings.

Quite possible the hubs on some Guzzi models are same/similar to the GTL, and when the major distance between the discs are same to that of the GTL, they can be modified to fit the PT front forks with original yokes.
Yes, that does mean that fitting wider fork, from a pantah for example, is possible so fitting pantah wheels, or wheels with larger major distance between the discs, is possible.

Personally, I prefer the GTL/SD/GTV yokes with GTL/Benelli hub as then the spoke wheels are kept and they are less bulky on such a small nimble machine.

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