Mototrans 500 SD

Mototrans DiegoA couple of days ago I received a very nice email from Diego Cànovas Navarro who lives near Murcia in Spain. Diego is a Mototrans SD 500 rider and made a very nice Restoration.  As we know Mototrans made some significant changes to the design of the Ducati 350/500 models. Diego tells us that he knows some of the factory engineers who worked on the SD 500 . So stay tuned for more info about the changes Mototrans made and see the pictures of our Spanish counterpart.

Testing !

There comes a moment when things come together. like now at eastern, finally a few days off so time can be spent in our workshop. Extensive preparation has been done, parts are available and modified and we have a 500 SD standing by and ready to receive our dry-clutch set up. So forget the Easter-Bunny . . . . .  we’re gonna have some fun ! We hope this test will turn out as we are hoping and we will find out where the flaws are . . .  if there are any!  We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

My 500 SD


Last year my Ducati 500 SD just wouldn’t start using the starter motor. When you jump-started the bike it ran after 10 meters en did that very nicely. Changed a whole bunch of electrical parts, adjusted ignition timing to the maximum perfection, fitted new ground leads and even changed the condensers. Nothing seem to help and I just let it be.  Last weekend I had some inspiration and changed to another battery witch was lying around. While starting this old battery gave more pow

er and the old girl started right away sounding beautifully with the open exhausts.