Front wheel hub with more commercially available disc brakes

During the Benelli 350RS period the front hub drew attention: it had the same brake discs as the Guzzi 350/500 models and the hub looked similar to that of the beveltwin SS spoke hubs, just a bit smaller.
I managed to acquire a hub from another Benelli model (250 2C) and machined the bearing housings to fit the (standard) PT bearing size 6004, as the Benelli hub has a smaller axle size. Also a new spacer was machined to fit between the new bearings.

Quite possible the hubs on some Guzzi models are same/similar to the GTL, and when the major distance between the discs are same to that of the GTL, they can be modified to fit the PT front forks with original yokes.
Yes, that does mean that fitting wider fork, from a pantah for example, is possible so fitting pantah wheels, or wheels with larger major distance between the discs, is possible.

Personally, I prefer the GTL/SD/GTV yokes with GTL/Benelli hub as then the spoke wheels are kept and they are less bulky on such a small nimble machine.

Front sprocket(s) SD/GTV

GTL gearboxes have the tapered end with keyway, and new sprockets for them are as hard to find as new crank bearings.
Until I have found a commercially viable method for alternatives for GTL sprockets, I have diverted efforts into the SD/GTV gearboxes as these have the “regular” 6 spline shaft like the pantah. Again, ploughing through the JT Sprockets catalogue an alternative was found, although it was a 520 chain rather than original 530. The thinner chain is not so much an issue as modern 520 chains are extremely strong, but it does mean sprockets for the GTL have to be modified. SD/GTV wheels have the same sprocket carrier as the pantah/750Paso/Sport 16″ wheels, and those sprockets are still readily available.
the front sprocket was found to be the same as a Yamaha 250 dirtbike, and available in Z12 and Z13, just like the 350 and 500 models. A distance bushing is required to ensure correct chain alignment.

Desmo shims for the Parallel twin

Many riders with the desmo head on their PT have come across the need for thicker closing shims. With my 500 head without shims I needed to start from scratch. Having some shims left over from belt drive desmo heads, the valves only needed to have a new groove in the stems roughly 4~5 mm lower than the original to have them instead.
As the 500 head needed new valve seats, larger 600SS/Monster valves were taken and those modified with new grooves, and now desmo adjustment can be done with standard available shims from your local Ducati dealer. Problem solved!

2014-01-25 18.25.57

Oil filter

These are increasingly difficult to find. When I still had my Benelli 350RS it also needed a new filter, which was the same as the Honda CB350/400/500/550 Fours. But remarkably these looked very similar to the PT filter, with the exception they are not flat on one side. So the easy thing to do was to make a spacer ring to accommodate for the flat part of the original filter. And it works.

While dismantling few GTV engines I noticed the oil filters were identical, and these may well be the next best alternative to the Champion X315 oil filter:
UFI 25.502.00

Main bearings

Of all the parts used in a parallel twin, these are on the top of the list of hard to find items. Not a single bearing distributor nor manufacturer has these bearings in their standard supply, so the best (economical) decision is to make them yourself.

The design has been slightly adjusted with more lubrication groves in the flange to accommodate the axial load of the crank, and the groove in the inner diameter is now whole as compared to the original. The first test samples were made of Aluminium bronze, which was used as bearing material in heavy gas powered combustion engines for the crankshaft and camshaft and rocker arms, hens the first reason for selecting them.
The did not pass the test, as the crank locked up twice on the dyno once above 4000rpm. The cause was found to be the wrong material, and this was supported by literature on bearing designs and backed by experience from several engine tuners.


So with more information I set out to find more suitable material and have at this moment put out quotations. While the test specimens are made, a separate engine will be put together with these new bearings and bolted into leftover GTV frame for dyno endurance testing.

720 racer

Recently I recieved some pictures from Phil Hitchcock of Road and Race in Australia. Phil told me that Epicycle Racing made a wonderfull 720cc racer whitch I would like to present to you. Phil allso has some Parallel Twin parts in stock so if you’re interested just give him a call. As the points ignition is beginning to be a hard to find part Phil has found a source that is willing to manufacture electronic ignition if there is enough interest.

Epicycle 720 racer_1

Bad wiring

Last weekend I have been working on a 500 GTL. Bringing the bike to it’s (almost) orriginal state can be quite a job. Especially if the wiring has been worked on before. I think everyone working on these bikes will have to best intentions to get things right. From time to time the “best intentions” isn’t the right way. Faulty wiringOn this 500 GTL the electrical wiring has been fiddled with, connectors where in very bad shape and some even so bad I had to cut them out. The Parallel Twins do not have a good reputation for there electrics and if some electrical jobs are done bad it will get worse. On the junctionbox of this GTL the wiring was pretty bad ……  the main pos (+)  wire from the ignition was cut and just twisted together with a way to thin other wire. When the lights were on the connection was getting hot !!

When you are working on the electrics of the Parallel Twins please take care of good wiring and connections. Worse case scenario is your bike catching fire while you are riding !Bad junction box

Magnesium wheels

We have all heard the tails and maybe seen a broken magesium wheel but here is how it actually looks like. On the GTV models you can find the magnesium  5-spoke Speedlines. They might appeal to you but be very aware of what can happen if you actually use them. Last summer I came across some parts and amongst the parts where 1977 magnesium Speedlines. I was exited to find them because I think they look wonderfull. I knew there was a risc in using them. Some Ducati enthousiasts warned me about the deterioration of magesium and discouraged me to use these 35 year old wheels and just use them as decoration. So I did …… sadly to say. Until I came upon a picture handed me from Tony Hannagan from Melbourne Australia. In this picture there is a magnesium Campagnolo from the same time eara which is obviously not in orriginal state. What you see here is what actually can happen !!!! I am convinced now not to use the old magnesium wheels I found.

Please be warned when using old magnesium wheels. Let them be examined, X-rayed or any way that tells you that the wheel is in good condition ……. or just buy new ones, cost a lot but atleast when you apply the brakes the wheel won’t break into pieces.Magnesium wheel broken

Party Time !

Celebrate your success. Wise words from a friend of mine .  Last week I checked my visitors counter and I discovered that we passed the 10.000 visitors. It might seem like a small number but as for a small group of enthusiasts it is a compliment. I would like to thank you all for your interest in Panigaletwins and please keep us inspired. We will go on doing the unexpected with the black sheep of the family and keep these bikes on the road.


Pazon Ignition

Ducati 1978 500 SDLately I have had many requests for ignition parts as the old parts aren’t there any more. I have been working on building an ignition but progress is slow. We had a discussion which ignition can be used and has been used already. Ian Dobson from the UK showed my that Pazon already manufactures the Pazon Sure-Fire ignition system which is Plug and Play. It is actually an ignition designed for a Honda 450 but can be used for the Ducati Paralleltwinas well. For details you can  contact Kirby Rowbotham at


In the past decade the press and the rest of the world have been looking at the Paralleltwins as if they where from another planet. Negative comments have been written about it’s durability and the bad reputation of any part breaking down. Exactly this is what keeps us going !!  Proving  the rest of the world wrong and let anybody know that the Paralleltwin is just as good as any other Ducati is one of our main goals. Ian Dobson from the UK is helping us a lot with that. Ian took his 500 SD to the ultimate test ……. the Motogiro d’Italia.  He finished this glorious event in 2011 and just to show you it isn’t all talk and no show here are some picturs. Thanks Ian for proving everybody wrong …..


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