We all have been there and we’ve all done it . . . . .  simple things we do turn in to great stories. Disaster strikes due to small mishaps witch we are afraid to tell others and just those moments which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Working with motorcycles and especially Ducati’s we have encountered in the last decade numerous situations witch we should have written down to share with you. Unfortunately we didn’t and certainly we have forgotten half by now so it is a good time to start before we develop Altzheimer.

Please let us know your stories and we’ll publish them here.

WDW 2000
Attending WDW 2000 I let my bike (Ducati 900 GT 1976) be transported from a Dutch Ducati dealer to the Ducati factory in Bologna. The trip and shipment of the bikes were pre arranged by a company so we sat in a coach while our bikes were transported. Arriving at the factory our bikes were nicely placed near one of the loading docks of the factory. When I checked my bike I discovered that one of the clip-ons had an other position than it had it originally, also my windscreen was damaged. Clearly I had some transport damage. After examining the clip on I discovered that one of the fixings where not tight enough and I just needed an allen-key to sort things. But I didn’t have one. I checked with the guy who organized the trip and he told me to wait a few seconds. He returned and asked me to follow him with my bike in to the factory. My two eyes were not enough to grasp what was happening around me, there were so many things to see. We ended up in the part where bikes were prepared for the press. He appointed me the best work spot I had ever seen and did my thing. Believe me I was not in a hurry ! After fixing the two bolts it was time to return to the outside world and leave for Misano. But just as I planned to leave the workshop I realized that I had no clue what so ever how I got there !! So I took my bike, which was a red version of a 900 SS, and just started walking through the factory. People stopped at what they were doing and started talking to me. On there faces you could see joy when pointing at my Ducati and talking to each other. Unfortunately I could not understand anything about what they were saying but words were not necessary to know they liked seeing the bike. I realized that I was at the place where my Ducati was made back in 1976 and it gave me a great feeling. Imagine walking in the factory with a 900 GT Bevel in your hands without having any clue where you are and how to get out and nobody there thought that was a strange situation ! Well let me tell you…….. I enjoyed every second of it ! Eventually I found the way out en we left for Misano to start our WDW 2000