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This page is about the lone idiots that want to be the odd one out and race Ducati’s ill fated Parallel Twin’s now and back in the old days. Everybody tells us you shouldn’t race a Ducati Parallel Twin, the break down at any given time for a numerous of reasons. We feel it is the challenge to put some interest back in the Parallel Twins and proof everybody otherwise. Why the racetrack you might think …… well there is no better place to find out what the bike does in real life and develop parts for the bike that won’t break down. Yes we are mental, we know that and we except it, now it’t your turn.

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  1. Hi,I`m rebuilding one of these classics in New Zealand, It has 44,000km on the clock but the engine is in very bad condition, where can I get a new engine for 600 Euros?

    • Hi Gerry,
      sorry for late reply, life has changed with covid everywhere now.
      a few years ago there were a few brand spanking new 500GTL engines here in Netherlands, now its only remnants here and there.

      I don’t have a new 500 engine nor do I know someone with a new 500 engine. myself I’m saving up the 500 stuff, but have a few 350 engine parts lying around.

      what exactly is the situation with yours, just the cams rockers and mains?

      cheers, Arthur

  2. Have found 1 for possible sale in Spain & despite their bad reputation think such a benchmark design & good looking machine finally deserves some recognition.What faults should I look for before purchase apart from the obvious? I’m a very experienced Mcycle mechanic so any information would be gratefully received. Mick Rafferty, Gijon Spain.

    • Hi Micheal,
      Buying a Parallel Twin is always a gamble. You can have a good looking bike with a destroyed engine and visa versa.
      The big problems are inside the engine (technical) so if you are buying a bike from an add or a picture be prepaired te expect the worse. On the positive side …… for a couple of hundred Euro’s (600) you can buy a new engine !!
      Be sure all the parts and bits are there. Finding good spares can be difficult and take long time to find. If you are buying a bike with magnesium wheels ……. don’t use them !!!! buy the standard heavy alloy wheels. The magnesium wheels can disintegrade at any time.
      I hope this makes it easyer for you to deside what to do.
      Regards, André

  3. Hi,

    Google sent me here. I’m chasing a clutch perch for a GTV and wondered if you had a spare one you could sell?

    A guy called Pete Smith raced a parallel twin back in the 80’s over here in Australia. He was a Ducati Dealer Team mechanic and as well,
    ran a business called Epicycle which specialised in go fast parts for various Ducati models. If I recall he was getting close to 100 bhp (unreliably he used to say) out of the engine. He’s still around and living up in the hinterland near some of Australia’s best beaches.

    Great little bikes these twins. I’ve had three of them since my first new one in 1978.


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