Pazon Ignition

Ducati 1978 500 SDLately I have had many requests for ignition parts as the old parts aren’t there any more. I have been working on building an ignition but progress is slow. We had a discussion which ignition can be used and has been used already. Ian Dobson from the UK showed my that Pazon already manufactures the Pazon Sure-Fire ignition system which is Plug and Play. It is actually an ignition designed for a Honda 450 but can be used for the Ducati Paralleltwinas well. For details you can  contact Kirby Rowbotham at


In the past decade the press and the rest of the world have been looking at the Paralleltwins as if they where from another planet. Negative comments have been written about it’s durability and the bad reputation of any part breaking down. Exactly this is what keeps us going !!  Proving  the rest of the world wrong and let anybody know that the Paralleltwin is just as good as any other Ducati is one of our main goals. Ian Dobson from the UK is helping us a lot with that. Ian took his 500 SD to the ultimate test ……. the Motogiro d’Italia.  He finished this glorious event in 2011 and just to show you it isn’t all talk and no show here are some picturs. Thanks Ian for proving everybody wrong …..